Dental Sedation
in Frisco, TX

Dentist chair on the beach


At Advanced Smiles of Frisco, TX, we have a variety of dental sedation and anesthesia options to make you comfortable during your dental visit. Read about all of the options below!

  • Nitrous Oxide/Laughing Gas is optional and complimentary for all patients. With other dental offices charging anywhere from $40-$100 for gas, this FREE sedative is a major perk for our patients.
  • Short-Acting Local Anesthesia provides immediate pain control and numbness of a particular area with effects lasting temporarily.This convenient sedation option is popular among patients who don’t want to feel anything during their dental procedure but need full use of their mouth muscles shortly after.
  • Long-Acting Local Anesthesia is used to block the nerve impulses for a period of about 90 minutes. The use of a Long-Acting Anesthetic ensures patient comfort during major dental procedures as well as pain control for a period of time following the treatment.
  • Desensitizers can be used during teeth cleanings and treatment to omit tooth sensitivity to water, air, touch, etc.