Dental Crowns
in Frisco, TX

Dental Crowns

Dr. De Paoli chooses carefully the products and materials he uses to rebuild a patient’s smile and confidence. At Advanced Smiles, we offer two types of crowns: e.Max Crowns and BruxZir Crowns. We’ve chosen these because the consistency in the crowns’ durability, versatility and shade results make e.Max and BruxZir crowns a popular crown choice in our Frisco dental practice.


Most dentists use generic shade-matching guides that restrict the customization of the shade, but Dr. De Paoli believes you deserve to be 100% happy with your shade so he offers in-office custom shading. A custom shade is a color stain made exclusively for the patient. Custom crown staining, unlike generic shade matching, involves combining multiple shades to achieve the most natural looking dental restoration. Custom shading also involves determining specific values for the hue, texture, saturation, reflection and translucency of each shade in the custom formula as well as of the final custom stain. It is the attention to and manipulation of these details to produce a perfect result that makes custom shading an important choice for your dental work.

At other offices, custom dental shading/staining involves the patient making multiple trips from a dental office to a laboratory in order to partner with a shade technician, but Advanced Smiles has their own IN-OFFICE, CUSTOM SHADE TECHNICIAN. Patients of Advanced Smiles love this convenience because it fits into their busy schedules without sacrificing the elite process of custom staining.

Generic Shading

NOT WHAT WE USE! A limited
number of preset shades restricts
the accuracy and customization of
the shade.

Advanced Smiles’ Custom Shading

We work with our in-house shading
technician to achieve your exact