Metal-Free Fillings
in Frisco, TX

Composite Fillings

WHAT WE USE! Tooth-colored fillings bond to the teeth, adding strength and durability for lasting results.


Why are Composite Tooth Fillings Better than Silver?

Today’s metal-free restorations are designed to provide the strength and stability of metal, balanced with the beauty and comfort of porcelain. Tooth-colored fillings do much more than just plug and patch holes in the teeth. They actually bond to the tooth structure, holding the tooth together for added strength. Metal-free crowns and veneers are extraordinarily durable, even while they are mere millimeters thick. As an added benefit, metal-free restorations are highly biocompatible, with virtually no potential for allergic reaction. This matter is of extreme importance for patients with metal sensitivities and allergies.

Traditionally, amalgams (metal fillings) were simply used to plug and patch openings in the surface of the tooth. They provided strength, durability, and minimal expansion or contraction in relation to temperature fluctuations. Unfortunately, these restorations did not bond to the tooth, often leaving the patient susceptible to decay between the filling and the tooth. Various purities of metal were also used to provide a basis of support for crowns and bridges. For added esthetic appeal, the metal framework was coated with porcelain and shaded to match the adjacent teeth. It proved challenging to produce a restoration thin enough to feel comfortable without compromising strength.

Old, Metal Fillings

They patch holes without actually bonding to the tooth, which can cause long-term problems.

By offering metal-free fillings and restorations, we have taken the worry and confusion out of the questions regarding dental materials. Say goodbye to “metal mouth” and hello to a beautiful new smile.