Teeth Whitening
in Frisco, TX

In a world focused on selfies, teeth whitening can mean the difference between a winning smile, and a reason to frown. Teeth whitening is something that both men and women can take advantage of, and it is made easier by the fact there are treatments plans for all budgets. We offer two options:


We exclusively offer the latest and most effective, in-office teeth whitening procedure formulated to evenly whiten and brighten your teeth in one session while avoiding tooth sensitivity. Unlike other dental offices, Advanced Smiles whitens your teeth with a solution that is activated prior to applying to the tooth’s surface. This eliminates painful sensitivity from consecutively having to activate the whitening solution on the teeth with UV rays. Since the whitening solution does not have to activate on your teeth before working, all the time spent during your Advanced Smiles whitening procedure is devoted to actually WHITENING your teeth!


Most dental professionals (including our team at Advanced Smiles) believe that the take home whitening kits will produce the best results for patients. These professional whitening kits are easy to use and contain a lower concentration of peroxide gel. This allows the whitening solution to be left on overnight, whitening your teeth by greater degrees over time. We can even provide you with custom made mouth guards that are specially made for your teeth.


  • Follow up maintenance either immediately after the treatment or sometimes only once a year.
  • Avoid drinking dark colored beverages or eating dark colored foods for at least a week.
  • If drinking dark colored beverages and when possible, use a straw
  • Brushing and flossing after every meal and before bed.


We want you to look and feel your best, and a big part of that starts with your smile. At Advanced Smiles, we love giving our patients smile make-overs that they can’t stop talking about. Take a look at these before and after images to get an idea of what Advanced Smiles can do for you!

before and after


Who can benefit from tooth whitening?

Almost anyone! However, treatment may be more effective for certain types of discoloration. We perform a thorough oral examination with tooth shade assessment to help predict your level of success with tooth whitening procedures.

Do many people whiten their teeth?

More people than you might imagine. A bright, sparkling smile can make a big difference for anyone. Multiple advances in tooth whitening make whitening easier, faster, and more dramatic than ever before.

Is there any difference between tooth whiteners available at the pharmacy and products available at your office?

Absolutely! While over-the-counter tooth whitening strips, brush-on gels and toothpastes work, they take weeks to months to whiten your teeth just a few shades. The results require patience, diligence, and expense for modest results. Only a dentist can get your teeth this white, this fast.

What causes tooth discoloration?

There are many causes. The most common include aging and consumption of staining substances such as coffee, tea, colas, tobacco, and red wine. These stains respond extremely well to whitening. Certain antibiotics especially tetracyclines or excessive fluoride may also cause tooth discoloration during tooth formation. These types of stains also respond to treatment but less dramatically than “garden-variety” staining described above.

How long do the results last?

The results of whitening are long-lasting but not indefinite. Continuing the foods that originally stained the teeth will eventually start to stain the teeth over time. However, following simple post whitening care instructions, will keep your teeth bright.

Is whitening safe?

Yes. Extensive research indicates that whitening teeth under the supervision of a dentist is safe. In fact, many dentists consider whitening the safest cosmetic dental procedure available. Although generally safe, we do not recommended or offer whitening for pregnant women, nursing mothers, or children under 14 years of age.

Will my dental insurance cover this procedure?

No. As with most cosmetic dental procedures, insurance will not cover the treatment cost.