Hybrid Implant Dentures
in Frisco, TX


The hybrid, implant denture is superior to the traditional denture – what the video and see chart below to better understand why this treatment is a great option.

You may be a candidate for a Hybrid, Implant Supported Denture if you want to replace missing teeth with a solution that most looks, fits and acts like natural teeth.


  • Secured in place and removable only by dentist.
  • Attached to Implants that are surgically placed into jawbone.
  • Fit and feel like natural teeth.
  • Stimulates jaw bone and prevents further bone loss by making a connection between the jaw bone and the denture. The Implant Supported Denture is designed to and attaches to the jaw bone so that it works and moves in conjunction with the natural anatomy and mechanics of the mouth and jaw.
  • Looks like natural teeth.
  • Maintenance is much like the maintenance of natural teeth because an Implant denture does not have to come out to be cleaned.
  • Is not removed at night.
  • Implant supported dentures do not usually have negative effects on eating or speaking.


  • Easily removable and dislodged.
  • NOT attached. Traditional top denture relies on suction to stay in place while traditional lower denture relies on Gravity.
  • Fitting is often a process and sometimes discomfort must be endured until the patient gets used to wearing traditional dentures.
  • Instead of exercising the jaw bone, a traditional denture can actually cause bone loss because there is nothing connecting the jaw and the denture.
  • Because the traditional denture fits OVER the gums, they are bulkier than the Hybrid denture and do not look as natural.
  • Maintenance of a traditional denture is very specific. The denture must be removed and cleaned daily.
  • Patients are told NOT TO WEAR TRADITIONAL DENTURES AT NIGHT. Sleeping in traditional dentures can cause health problems.
  • Traditional dentures may interfere with a person’s speech as well as the taste of their food because the denture covers sensory parts of the mouth.